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Luxury Beauty Bar

Suitable for: all skin types

Invigorate, rejuvenate and tighten tired skin with this Luxury Beauty Bar. Using for 2-3 minutes morning and night will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, toned and glowing.

The bar, which is powered by a battery, delivers over 6000 micro-vibrations which:

  • stimulate blood circulation to improve skin tightness and fine lines
  • contours and aids lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove toxins
  • assists absorption of serums and creams leaving you with soft dewy skin.

Has a 24 karat gold plated T shape head, comes with a velvet drawstring storage bag and operates with an AA battery (battery not included).

Designed in Auckland, New Zealand and made in Hong Kong.

How to use

cleanse your skin and apply your moisturiser or serum before use, to ensure the tool glides effortlessly over the skin

for product absorption, turn on the bar and use in upwards or circular motions over entire face for 3-5 minutes

Beauty tip
  • for lifting and firming, turn on the bar and use in an upwards motion under the contour lines of your cheeks and jaw with some pressure, guide the beauty bar diagonally across your neck on each side finishing off by adding light pressure and guiding downward to your collar bone to aid lymphatic drainage. Do this for 3-5 minutes on each side daily

  • to combat ageing continually roll the beauty bar over fine lines and wrinkles for 3-5 minutes daily