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Brand origin: Auckland, New Zealand

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There’s something quite special about experiencing the wilds of New Zealand’s forest environments. The freshness of the air after a rain-storm, the glistening moisture encasing the forest as the sun’s rays start to stream down from behind departing clouds, the mist lifting gradually from the lakeside revealing the grandeur of the mountains beyond.

With this on their backdoor, every time Brooke and Carrick, the founders of Te Wai, returned to New Zealand from travelling overseas, they wondered how they could share this ‘New Zealandness’ with the rest of the world. This set them on a journey to capture the uniqueness and healing properties of New Zealand’s native flora and deliver them via a hydrating facial spray, all wrapped in the provenance of the country they love. They called it Te Wai ~ The Water and produce their unique facial spray from their base in Auckland.

What else you should know

This brand infuses five New Zealand native extracts with pure New Zealand water, to deliver an impressive burst of freshness to your skin. It also:

  • is the most internationally awarded facial spray 2021 and 2022
  • uses natural and native ingredients that have not been tested animals
  • has recyclable packaging

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Te Wai Hydrating Fine-mist Facial Spray Team Favourite and Most Awarded Global Facial Spray
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