Nourishing Hand Cream


Nourish your hands with sources from nature.

Without any harmful chemicals, this product feeds your hands with ingredients found in the farms in New Zealand. Easy to love and effortless to use, you'll embrace the quality of the natural sources used in this hand cream.

The wisdom of lanolin and honey and its revival power helps the fragile skin. Enrich your daily ritual with its effective, simple ingredients and support your skin with the help of the natural ENGINE.

Suitable for all skin types

Scent: honey

Key skin-loving ingredients: lanolin which made from sheep's wool. It goes through a process that separates the oil from the rest of the wool debris. Lanolin is an emollient, which means it's incredibly efficient at locking in and preventing moisture from escaping the skin. Which then makes it a really healing ingredient to nourish, soften and repair the skin. Honey is also known for it's emollient properties that trap moisture. Not only that, it naturally has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which may assist in fighting infections in wound and aid the healing process. Sweet almond oil which contains vitamin A (to help with cell regeneration and skin renewal), vitamin E (a high antioxidant to repair cellular damage), omega 3 fatty acid (an antioxidant that helps repair damage and slow down signs of aging) and zinc (an essential component to help minimize the appearance of scars). Manuka flower oil which has high concentrations of polyphenol (thanks to their ability to adapt to high UV-B light in NZ). Polyphenol have antioxidant and antibacterial properties which supports skin repair and can aid in the healing process of scars.

Size: 80ml

How to use: after washing your hands, apply a generous amount in tandem with a gentle massage. Use as frequently as required.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand.