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Lash Pro Growth Serum

Suitable for: lovers of long lashes

Say hello to beautifully long, full and healthy lashes!

Infused with a combination of peptides, vitamins and biotin this lash serum nourishes the lash line, stimulates growth and supports a healthy environment for your lashes to grow long, full and healthy.

*Full results seen in 8-12 weeks*

Size: 3ml

100% vegan and cruelty-free

Designed in Auckland, New Zealand, formulated in Korea and made in Beijing, China.

How to use

ensure the eye area is clean and dry

apply the product to your upper lash line where the roots of your lashes meet your eyelid

let the product completely dry before applying eye makeup

Beauty tip

keep it consistent!

you will see the best results if used daily so make sure you keep your Lash Pro serum where it won't be forgotten