About us

Here’s a little about what makes us, us...

We are Aucklanders, who are inspired by our local New Zealand beauty creators.  Let’s face it, they get us. Making us feel pretty by designing for our beauty needs and lifestyle. They are innovative and take sustainability seriously when sourcing their ingredients and packaging. We love that and hope you do too!

So we thought the best way to champion local innovation is to put our team on the road to hunt down all those amazing products and make them available to you in one place - the Devoted to Pretty store!

And we have only just started.  We will keep looking and finding more of the best to share with you. After all we hope your visit to our store today is the start of a long and pretty friendship.

Now go be pretty!  And when your friends ask why you are glowing, we would love a shout out. 

Where can you do that, you say? We're on facebook, instagram or feel free to share our website by text or email with your friends.

And if you'd just like to chat, we are always available on messenger, email or by phone.

XOX the pretties.

PS. find out about how we are focusing on sustainability with the Keep Pretty Programme.