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Our sustainability journey

is far from over, in fact we have only just started. Our footprint and the impact we make is something we strive to make our customers proud of everyday.

When we package your products…
the tissue your gorgeous product is delicately wrapped in, as well as our pretty sticker and swing tags, are all made from paper printed with plant-based inks. So, when you do decide you no longer need them, head towards your paper recycling bin.

We also sometimes use boxes, these are great for reuse… as for our courier bags, these are made from recycled plastic and can once again be recycled in your local soft plastics bin. Click here for NZ based recycling locations.

You might also notice, we don’t print packaging slips, instead we work hard to keep you in the loop about your order via digital means, because that is one less piece of paper being used.

With the brands we sell and the suppliers we use…
we care about what they do. We look for brands that care about sustainability the same way we do… with packaging, with their ingredients and with their use of New Zealand suppliers.

In our premises…
we run predominantly off solar energy, switching this new energy source late in 2022. We recycle everything we can; look for digital solutions to traditional service aspects; and we rationalise resources spent on unnecessary printing.

In the future…
We see our company vehicles being electric; increasing our solar energy generation and providing support to our suppliers to further develop their sustainability footprint.

We promise to update our journey here, so keep checking back in to see how we are going.

XOX the pretties.