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Brands we love

7th cloud soaps and body products

Hailing from Timaru, New Zealand, 7th Cloud originated because Eugenia (7th Cloud's creator) was struggling to find body care products suitable for her sensitive skin and eczema prone family. The result is a range that focuses on bringing natural luxury to your everyday routine with its gentle and sensitive skin-friendly products.

All of their olive oil-based soaps and plant-based skincare are carefully formulated to be suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and acne. With exquisite natural fragrances and sustainable ingredients, 7th Cloud's products make your beauty routine a delightful experience.


Aglow is a range of NZ made superfood supplement powders using premium all-natural ingredients focusing on nourishing you from within so a 'youthful outside blooms from a healthy inside'.

Aglow was born from the vision of Alana, a qualified nutritionist and devoted mother of two. Balancing a busy life, Alana struggled to prioritise her well-being, leading to skin issues, thinning hair, and overall low energy. Determined to make a positive change, she created natural NZ made superfood supplements that harness pure ingredients to nourish from within.

Now, Aglow is in the capable hands of Kellie, who from Aglow’s base in Whanganui, New Zealand is committed to supporting woman to feel healthy, youthful and energised from the inside and out with simple but effective superfood supplements. These powders contain only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients selected to benefit your health, wellbeing and appearance. Beautifully packaged in sustainably mindful materials with reusable jars and home compostable refill packaging, these powders can be seamlessly added for a nutritional boost to food and drinks for simplicity and ease.

That’s it! Aglow isn’t a fussy health ritual, it’s a ‘spoonful a day’ for effortless, effective self-care for busy modern women.

austera beauty

Austera Beauty, which calls both Auckland and Melbourne home, was formed to provide tools for creating professional makeup results in any situation.  Their philosophy is simple, they believe that with the right tools and attitude, anyone will be surprised at what they can achieve.

Austera Beauty source their raw materials from overseas but the rest of the manufacturing process and packaging is all done right here in NZ and Australia.  They are all about being eco-friendly and are well into their journey to have fully recyclable packaging and products, with the last element - a recyclable hygiene layer to replace a plastic bag - currently in planning.  Austera is 100% cruelty free.

austere skin

Morgan started Austere Skin as a frustrated consumer, all she wanted was to try new products without the fear of it aggravating her eczema. For her entire life Morgan has battled eczema, acute dermatitis and hives (she calls it the trifecta) and then once the eczema finally clears, her skin is left flaky, washed out and dull. So to solve this problem she created the Revive Mask which polishes away dead skin cells and packs intense hydration into the skin.

Austere Skin hails from Nelson, New Zealand.

beauty engine

The philosophy behind Beauty Engine is to borrow from nature's nourishing riches and healing resource, then careful craft it into capable skincare. This then is the engine to repairing and maintaining our skin from daily exposure to harmful chemicals and sun damage.

Created by Sarah Chueh and crafted from Beauty Engine's base in Auckland, their first product is a beautiful nourishing hand cream. A lot of love has gone into creating this gentle, repairing and easy to absorb cream.


This Auckland-based artisan skincare brand, was founded in 2020 by Colombian-born Monica Shirer.

Utilising beauty recipes provided by her Colombian grandmother alongside her knowledge as a qualified organic skincare and haircare product formulator, has resulted in a range that seamlessly combines ancestral knowledge with modern science.

Monica's passion is to deliver handmade beauty products made in small batches using natural ingredients from plants, flowers, herbs, nuts and seeds to nourish the hair and skin. BelleMax is perfect for those wanting to bring the freshness of nature into their lives!

bio whenua

The name Bio Whenua can be translated as bio (life) and whenua (land) was chosen by their creators Tremane Barr (Ngai Tahu) and Jytte Glintborg because it represents the blend of their whanau, both Māori and Pakeha. It also a reflection of their commitment to sustainability based on the Māori principles of kaitiakitanga (sustainability) and mauri ora (good health). Protecting the environment and all those that live on it are fundamental principles they embody in their products.

Out of their base in Christchurch, Tremane and Jytte celebrate the botanical heritage of Aotearoa by incorporating native extracts and only using Certified Organic and natural ingredients in the Bio Whenua skincare range which are designed to benefit you and honour the land we all live on.


Amy Burke, the founder of Botanical, grew up on a farm in rural Nelson. Her grandparents owned the neighbouring farm, in which her grandmother had established a large English style garden featuring lemon balm, roses, lavender, chamomile, manuka to name a few. She taught Amy about the edible, extractable and healing benefits of the herbs and plants throughout her garden. This nurtured Amy’s appreciation in fragrance and florals, prompting the development of her first batches of cold processed soaps back in 2012.  

Fast forward to today and the Botanical brand is still made locally in Nelson, New Zealand, having grown their range to include handcrafted bath bombs (which has become their signature line), body care, skincare and accessories. Every product Botanical creates, focuses on function and footprint, to ensure the end result is one where Botanical and their customers feel good about what has been created.

coco beau

Pants off, shower on. Coco Beau serves you stress-free skincare from their home in windy Wellington, NZ by harnessing the natural potency of their star ingredient - cocoa (or theobroma cacao if you're feeling bougie). An ingredient that is helping them tackle real world skin issues like acne and cellulite.

Discovered by an award-winning food technologist and founder, Ben Stiff, their groundbreaking range of body scrubs are revered by dermatologists, pharmacologists, aestheticians and skin savvy babes all across NZ as easily the second best thing you can do in the shower. Wink. As one of NZ's newest skincare companies and already making huge waves in the industry; their range is sustainable, natural, vegan friendly and unapologetic.

doll face

Born, owned, operated and manufactured in Lower Hutt, NZ, Doll Face has grown from humble beginnings to gaining an EU distribution certification with a line up of award winning beauty products. All their products are hypoallergenic, mineral based, non-comedogenic, contain no 'nasties' and have never been tested on animals!  Doll Face is designed to be salon quality, yet user friendly, combining years of beauty experience with the awareness of cutting edge trends, making Doll Face a front-runner in New Zealand's mineral cosmetic scene.

dust & glow

With 10 years of history in the beauty industry, Gaelle the founder of Dust & Glow, had become acutely aware of how wasteful the cosmetics industry could be. The inspiration for Dust & Glow, came to her the moment she realised the beauty industry needed a shake-up and she could be the one to do it.

Driven by innovation, Gaelle wanted to simplify and rethink the way we use products, because in beauty, less can be more. She challenged herself to create a brand with a difference, where every single ingredient has a purpose and a benefit for the skin... and in April 2021 Dust & Glow was launched from their Auckland, NZ base.  A brand with a very key difference, all the water has been stripped out. What is left is just the pure ingredients concentrate... not longer are you paying for water.

Products that work! And really help your skin and hair glow, while reducing the impact on the environment.

earthly bandits

Earthly Bandits, an Auckland, NZ brand is on a mission to reconnect people to nature by creating simple, yet effective skincare solutions for everyone to use.

Growing up, Gene, the founder of Earthly Bandits, had personal issues with bad skin and when looking for solutions, soon became aware that a lot of the natural products he was using weren't as natural as they appeared. So Gene began experimenting with organic and natural botanical oils. In 2019, after years of testing and a lot of trial and error, Earthly Bandits was born.

Inspired by everyday rituals such as bathing and cleansing, Gene wanted to create a brand that puts nature and simplicity back at the centre of self-care. Moreover, he wanted to create products that reconnect people to the therapeutic power of plants.

The Earthly Bandit collection of beauty formulations are natural, sustainable, honest and gender neutral. Skincare that gives results by making skin look healthier but at the same time respects our environment.


Embracing the pristine beauty of New Zealand’s natural landscape, Earthwoven emerges as a testament to authentic skincare, steeped in scientific precision and a passion for nature. Founded on the shores of the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Earthwoven delivers more than just skincare products; it's a promise of genuine solutions that cater to individual skin concerns while fostering a sense of self-confidence.

Rooted in the ethos of transparency and quality, their formulations stem from a deep understanding of skincare needs, much like its founder, Shaleah Lawrence, who, spurred by personal skin struggles, recognised the transformative power of effective, yet gentle products.

goodgirl xo

Hailing from Christchurch, the Goodgirl xo team has a big dream to create a plastic-free world. Starting from the bathroom, they have focused on creating high quality, eco-friendly alternatives to everyday skincare essentials, like the konjac sponge.

Anna-Lena, the founder of Goodgirl, had to order her very first konjac sponge from overseas, as there were hardly any available in NZ (and what was here was super expensive!). The sponge arrived after a few weeks and was wrapped in several layers of plastic. So when she started Goodgirl xo she decided to add a 'nude' Konjac Sponge range and ditch the meaningless plastic packaging. Now they have a wide range of sponges for face and body, in different sizes and different colours, for every skin type.


Hemptuary is the ‘nature child’ of Louise Clayton. With years of experience in both the skincare and pharmaceutical industries, she recently discovered the skin-enhancing benefits of hemp seed oil while evaluating the hemp plant for a larger pharmaceutical project.

She identified a need for a simple, natural and efficacious range of skincare products that could deliver the benefits of this remarkable oil… and so Hemptuary was born. All their products are made with natural or organic ingredients from their base in Auckland, NZ.

holi grail

As a beauty enthusiast with years of experience within the beauty industry, founder and creator Holli Lovesy set out to create Holi Grail Skincare, a brand which reflected the products she wanted to see in the world. Based in Auckland, Holi Grail Skincare was born to bridge the gap between luxury, affordability and transparency.

As they say, beauty is more than skin deep, and Holi Grail's mission is to achieve a beauty that reaches deeper, with a core belief that skincare is a holistic approach. Their philosophy is to ensure products are as good for your body on the inside as they are on the outside. Their skincare focuses on safe, non-toxic formulas, containing only the finest, high-performing ingredients, bursting with natural vitamins and minerals. Whereas their skincare tools to encourage rituals of health and confidence.


Driven by a passion to redefine skincare norms, ibody founders, John and Ronald, journey began with a desire to create high-quality skin products that deliver real results. Honest beauty that is scientifically formulated without harmful ingredients or false claims, designed to produce real, lasting results.

ibody is a celebration of self-care - a transformative journey toward embracing your glow from within. A skincare range for what theyfelt was the ‘forgotten market’ the fabulous 40’s.

Each of the ibody products embody Kiwi innovation, meticulously blending nature's brilliance and cutting-edge science to deliver an unparalleled glow-getting experience, prioritising results without compromising on quality. Made in Auckland, New Zealand. 


Founded by Paengaroa (near Te Puke) local, Cindy Cox, Joshie was born with the intention of finding and using the best ingredients in New Zealand.

With the humble idea of creating good, classic products that last, Joshie also aims to build strong and lasting connections with their customers. They not only care about their products, but they care about the people using their products as well. As they say 'once you try Joshie, you will be hooked.'

lemon & beaker

'Lemon' and a 'beaker', that’s what founder Hannah had on her desk when she started to bring her dream to life.  Along with co-founder Grant they aspired to develop a natural skincare brand using powerful botanical ingredients for beauty inside and out.

From an early age, Hannah was always fascinated with the beauty of nature, and wondered how natural ingredients could enhance our natural beauty. Her passion led her to study chemistry and psychology at University of Auckland, where she was inspired to create premium skincare products using New Zealand’s premium ingredients. Hannah’s skills and knowledge in chemistry, product development and marketing, complemented by Grant's extensive experience in the industry, being a pharmacist by profession, have built a strong foundation for the Lemon & Beaker brand.

They launched Lemon & Beaker in early 2019 from their base in Auckland, New Zealand delivering a brand that not only provides natural goodness for the skin, but also one which supports the environment, animals and charity.


Behind Lissom is Michelle and Lydia, who met whilst working in the skincare and wellness industry. With a passion for natural beauty, they launched Lissom from their Auckland base early in 2019. Their mission is meet the diverse beauty needs of New Zealanders, as well as people all around the world, by developing attractive, effective skincare and beauty products that are serious about skin.  Committing to providing safe yet effective products that are made in New Zealand by the best, most experienced skincare formulators designed for the real lives we live: full of variety, always on the go, and in need of luxurious yet affordable skincare that we can turn to time and time again.

Understanding that not everyone has time to pamper themselves on a daily basis and keen to turn a mundane daily skincare routine into something more decadent that one looks forward to, the Lissom team have made this easy. With different skin types and lifestyles in mind, they make products that provide all-round care and help your skin look and feel its healthiest, beautiful best. Working with one of the country's most experienced laboratories, they focus on delivering effectiveness in the natural beauty space. 

lulurose cosmetics

From an early age founder Shelley had a passion for makeup, creating concoctions with her grandmothers expensive cremes in the bathroom to making her own fake tan with an everyday moisturiser mixed with marmite. Her dream of starting her own natural, organic and vegan based beauty product range is now a reality with the launch of LuluRose cosmetics in August 2019. This range focuses on combining the natural beauty of New Zealand with the luxury and seductiveness of Italy.

Taking inspiration from old Hollywood glamour, LuluRose cosmetics not only look good but feel good and do good for your skin. Bringing out the natural goddess in you. LuluRose lipsticks are designed in Auckland and produced in Italy.

mater beauty

Launched in December 2022 and created by Petra Škorić, MATER Beauty is for all women that have come to the realisation that they need to start putting themselves first. The carefully curated collection of skin and hair products is inspired by Petra's desire to encourage mothers to take time to nurture themselves and remember they are as worthy of their loving care as their families.

The range focuses on transforming daily skin and hair care rituals into luxurious experiences - because everyone deserves to enjoy moments of self-care each day. The bespoke formulations offer the perfect balance of botanical and actives with scents that are subtle yet elegant.

MATER Beauty is made in Auckland, New Zealand.

mi tru iq

Established in 2023, Mi Tru IQ, is the brainchild of Niki Gibbison, a seasoned and registered beauty therapist renowned for her success in operating multiple thriving beauty salons.

Recognising the growing concern of conventional skincare products disrupting the skin's delicate microbiome, Niki ventured into the creation of Mi Tru IQ. This skincare line stands out for its scientifically formulated products designed to support the skin's natural microbiome. Employing prebiotics that nourish the skin, fostering a healthy skin barrier.

With Niki expertise at the helm, Mi Tru IQ, from its base in Mt Maunganui, is dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions for skincare enthusiasts while being easy to use and multifunctional.

mia belle

Their range of lusciously fragranced and lovingly hand-made natural beauty and body products, have been designed to enhance your well-being and your environment. Created by Catherine, who has a formulation’s chemist background, Mia Belle’s skincare and haircare products are crafted from their Auckland base using ethically-sourced natural and organic ingredients designed to help bring peace, positivity and health into your life.

Driven by the need to be mindful of the impact on people and our environment, their packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly and their ingredients are colour safe, cruelty-free, plant-based and fragrances pthalate-free - oh, and smell incredible!

peachy lip co.

Founder, Niki Creasy, created the company’s range of multi-use lip and cheek tints based on her own mission to find the perfect lippy. She loved wearing lipstick, but often found that her lips would be dry for days after wearing it. So Peachy Lip Co. was born in April 2022.

At the forefront of product formulation, was ensuring the range had quality ingredients, like organic beeswax, jojoba, illite and amino acids; these natural ingredients create a protective barrier on the skin, as well as reducing dryness, calming irritated skin, aiding in skin hydration and more. Niki, also centred the range around the concept that every woman is busy, unique and wants something different from her lip products. So Peachy Lip Co made their tints multiuse, to be used as a lip colour and a creamy blush – to simplify women’s beauty routines, as well as being buildable. One swipe on your lips = a luscious tint and glow, two swipes = deeper colour and hydration, three swipes = the ultimate bold and glossy lip.

This gorgeous range calls Papamoa, New Zealand home.

rosedale rd candle corp.

Named after a very old established road in Rosedale, Auckland, this newly minted company lead by owner Eva, was born from a desire to make candles that take you on journey, transporting you to that perfect beautiful moment. Each scent is hand crafted, with each candle hand poured in limited batches. All made from natural soy wax and natural fragrances sourced locally.

The company’s inaugural candle is called Make Everyday Sunday, designed to capture the vibe of a relaxed Sunday, filled with sunshine, pancakes and no responsibilities.

sugar cube co

Sugar Cube Co. was imagined into being during long coffee breaks and banter between two sugar loving girls from Christchurch. The concept of indulging in guilt-free sugar morphed into the creation of a luxe body scrub with a unique formula of sustainable organic sugar, and delicious cold pressed essential oils.  Every batch of their sweet sugar scrub is carefully made by the Christchurch team, using only the highest quality ingredients - you'll never find nasty chemicals, fillers, or things you can’t pronounce in their products.

Most of their ingredients are sustainable organic fair trade and their products are packaged with the environment in mind in either recyclable paper or glass.

supreme glo

With a strong passion for skincare and a vision to bring products that enable women to enjoy a touch of spa luxury within the comfort of their home, Annabel Waipouri founded Supreme Glo from her base in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2020.

Battling with her own skin concerns, Annabel knew from experience just how much your skin can affect self-confidence. Providing products that work effectively and harmoniously with busy lifestyles, as well as encouraging regular self-care was paramount. The brand is fiercely committed to their company mission of 'empowering women through innovative and cost effective skincare solutions to love the skin they're in, with or without makeup.' Each of their products aim to change the stigma around self-care, by giving women the tools to gain back their skin confidence and enable them live up to their greatest potential.

te wai

There’s something quite special about experiencing the wilds of New Zealand’s forest environments. The freshness of the air after a rain-storm, the glistening moisture encasing the forest as the sun’s rays start to stream down from behind departing clouds, the mist lifting gradually from the lakeside revealing the grandeur of the mountains beyond.

With this on their backdoor, every time Brooke and Carrick, the founders of Te Wai, returned to New Zealand from travelling overseas, they wondered how they could share this ‘New Zealandness’ with the rest of the world. This set them on a journey to capture the uniqueness and healing properties of New Zealand’s native flora and deliver them via a hydrating facial spray, all wrapped in the provenance of the country they love. They called it Te Wai ~ The Water and produce their unique facial spray from their base in Auckland.

the block dock

Clare, the founder of the Block Dock, wanted to switch to using beauty bars, but couldn't stomach the soggy mess that came with them. After looking what felt like everywhere for a solution, frustration got the better of her, she changed tacks and invented the solution herself. Block Dock was born, that was X years ago now.

The ethos of Block Dock is that they firmly believe every bar deserves the very best storage, and every user the best bar experience. They have their sights set strongly on helping more people move away from plastic bottles and towards using sustainable, better for you bars.

The Block Dock is made in Dunedin, New Zealand because as Clare says 'that's good for our economy, and good for the carbon footprint too'.

the skin kitchen

Originating from Nelson, when The Skin Kitchen developed their first range of scrubs, it was to sell at their local Saturday markets, that was 2015. Since then, they have expanded both their range and network.

Using natural plant-based ingredients, they create simple, clean skincare that is vegan friendly. Moving from Nelson to Auckland recently, all their products are made in handcrafted batches in Titirangi, New Zealand.


As a Kiwi hairstylist based in New York for 18 years, Vanessa Mitchell, the creator of Umee2, saw a lot of sun damaged hair (including on her celebrity and runway cliental) - and not a lot of suitable protection solutions. In fact what was available in the market was mostly made from synthetic ingredients.  

So when Vanessa arrived back in New Plymouth, NZ, in 2021, she starting working with local manufacturer's to develop a 100% natural botanical UV protection product. The result was a UV and Pollution Hair Mist called Umee2, said you-me-two. The hero ingredient of Umee2 is zoryalys® which when misted onto the hair provides full protection against exposome aggression as well as improving shine.

vixen & luxe 

Hair is something that the Vixen & Luxe team from Wellington love and take great pride in. In their words ‘hair represents our wildest personalities and often has a huge impact on self confidence and how we feel about ourselves’. They were frustrated that there was no hair care range in the market specifically for those with hair extensions, so they developed one themselves, utilising their many years of industry expertise.

They have formulated Bella Rose shampoo and conditioner using only the highest quality plant based ingredients achieving great results; beautiful healthy shiny hair, but not at the expense of the planet, in fact they are proud to say that all of the Vixen & Luxe packaging is recyclable and eco conscious. Bella Rose haircare, made in NZ, nourishes the hair from inside out, is lightweight, smells great and best of all it works!

zeke skincare

Is a forward-learning company dedicated to simple yet effective skincare routines. Using locally sourced natural ingredients, packaged in simple and sustainable glass, their products are designed to empower people to live their best lives with newfound confidence in their skin.

The company’s naming is derived from the Hebrew name Zeke, meaning “God will strengthen" and each product is a careful blend of ingredients that preserve essential skin oils, remove toxins and enhance skin nutrients.

Lead by creator, Simon Spencer Xu from their Auckland, NZ base, the team at Zeke Skincare is dedicated to the company mission "giving unparalleled confidence through powerful skincare solutions". With top-tier quality and value, each product results in healthy and hydrated skin that glows.