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Lingonberry Rejuvenating Serum

Suitable for: all skin types

This unisex serum has a light gel consistency with high absorbency to provide instant hydration and give your skin a radiant glow. Packed with antioxidants from gotu kola, sage and kiwifruit seed extracts that soothe, protect and calm the skin.

It's also power packed with lingonberry plant stem cells to prevent and reverse photoaging from ultra-violet and infra-red radiation from the sun and the effects of blue light from modern technology.

Scent: light fresh citrus

Size: 35ml

Made in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Certified by Bio-Gro NZ: this product is Certified by Bio-Gro according to its exacting standards to confirm that not only does it contain 95% organic ingredients, but that all the other ingredients also meet their standards for natural ingredients that are safe to use in cosmetics.

Hero ingredients
  • lingonberry stem cell extract has scientifically been proven to protect the skin from the sun’s ultra-violet and infra-red radiation as well as blue light from our modern screen technology. Lingonberry stem cell extracts are effective at preventing the signs of aging by keeping the skin firm yet supple and soft to the touch

  • organic mānuka hydrosol hydrates and energises the skin

  • gotu kola has healing and anti-aging properties

  • sage extract minimises wrinkles, treats acne, protects against sun damage and tightens skin

  • kiwifruit seed oil improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and fine lines while being high in omega 3 and vitamin C & E
How to use

use after toner and before moisturiser

apply serum with fingertips, patting and smoothing out

allow time for absorption

Full ingredients list

Manuka Hydrosol*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Gotu Kola Extract*, Sage Extract*, Lingonberry Stem Cells, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Benzoate & Gluconolactone, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum*, Citric Acid, with Juniper Berry*, Petitgrain* & Lime Essential Oils


made with over 95% organic ingredients.

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