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Hydrate & Restore Spray Mist Sheild

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Suitable for: all skin types, including sensitive skin

Instant, on-the-go hydration that boosts the cells' natural defences and restores skin's equilibrium, leaving a refreshed sensation.

This multi-faceted and deeply hydrating face mist: hydrates, nurtures the microbiome, soothes and provides stress-relief.

Scent: light citrus

Size: 15ml

Created in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand, made in Blenheim, New Zealand. 

Hero ingredients
  • preBIULIN AGA: a prebiotic super moisturiser (natural ingredient) that improves skin hydration 50% faster than Hyaluronic Acid and lasts up to 70% longer. It counteracts the damaging effect of preservatives on the skin and supports the skin microbiota to reduce aging

  • Neurophroline™
    A powerful stress busting extract from Wild Indigo (Thephrosia purpurea) that breaks down the cortisol produced by skin cells and promotes the release of calming neuropeptides (endorphins) in the skin.

    The result is an improved skin tone, increased luminosity, and a reduction in the visible signs of ageing in as little as two weeks.

Why prebiotic skincare?

Prebiotics can make a big difference to your skin’s microbiome by neutralising the effects of bad bacteria. If you have spot-prone skin or sensitive skin, or if you work long or irregular hours, prebiotic skincare products could benefit your skin

How to use

close eyes and spritz gently on your face before or after makeup and throughout the day

Beauty tip

This multi-faceted and deeply hydrating face mist:

  • hydrates: harnessing the power of preBIULIN AGA, MultiMoist CLR™, and PrimalHyal™ 50, hydrating every layer of your skin, enhancing firmness and reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness

  • nurtures the microbiome: infused with prebiotics, it strengthens your skin's microbiome, bolstering its natural barrier functions

  • soothes: enriched with cucumber extract, renowned for its refreshing and calming attributes, it's a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin B, working to soothe and revitalize your skin

  • stress relief: empowered by wild indigo, it effectively diminishes cortisol production within skin cells, triggering the release of a natural calming neuropeptide that influences mood and visibly enhances skin tone.

Dermatologically tested. This product contains naturally hydrating and plumping ingredients like cucumber extract.

Full ingredients list

Aqua (Water); Heptyl Glucoside; Glycerin; Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) Extract; Fructooligosaccharides; Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract; Tephrosia Purpurea Seed Extract; Inulin; Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid; Sodium Levulinate; Sodium Anisate; Potassium Sorbate; Fragrance

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