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Hemptuary 3 Piece Skincare Gift Pack

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Suitable for: all skin types

Imagine three of your favourite Hemptuary products in one bespoke gift divine! Inside this gorgeous pink and white pack is a collection of organic, nourishing and 100% natural skincare crafted to help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Made in New Zealand to calm, hydrate and revitalise. 

This Hemptuary Skincare 3 Piece Gift Set includes full size:

Made in Auckland, New Zealand.

Hero ingredients

the hero ingredients in each product include hemp seed oil and manuka oil

  • hemp seed oil is a rich antioxidant that is gentle on the skin. As well as being rich in vitamins A and E, it also contains omega 3 and 6 which encourages skin health by reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst preventing the signs of aging

  • manuka oil helps to calm and soothe inflammation and irritation of the skin, as well as suppress wrinkle development, skin thickness and sun damage. 

for the full ingredient lists and how to use, see the individual products pages

Beauty tip

All products are full size and presented in a pink and white gift box. This set makes the ideal gift whether it be to a friend or family, or even yourself! 

If you were purchasing the products individually, they would cost you $74.85

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