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Clean Skin Bundle

$144.95 Regular price $207.80
Suitable for: all skin types and all genders

The Clean Skin Bundle offers a simple yet effective way to get healthy, clear skin. This mask, cleanser, scrub and moisturiser is all you need to feel more confident about your skin.

The Clean Skin Bundle comprises of full size:

  • Blue Detox Clay Mask - unclogs pores and refines skin. Comprising with top-tier natural ingredients made from blue chamomile essential oil, New Zealand clay, fruit enzyme, white willow bark extracts and kiwifruit seed.
  • Purifying Cleansing Gel - offers a natural cleansing solution without dehydrating the skin. Contains a blend of active enzymes, aloe vera and vitamin C
  • Daily Moisturiser - hydrates and nourishes your skin with natural ingredients including aloe vera, avocado and kiwifruit extracts

Made in Auckland, New Zealand.

Beauty tip

all products are full size and if you were purchasing each of these products individually, they would cost you $207.80

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