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Revitalizing & Deeply Hydrating Brightening Sheet Mask 5 Pack

Suitable for: lovers of sheet masks

Whether you're heading out with a glowing skin or just want to lavish your face, use the latest skin care technology with this microcurrent galvanic sheet mask.

This advanced facial sheet mask is designed with a semi-gel sheet with functional prints to ensure that the botanical essence and vegan ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin and provide an instant glow. Enriched with hydrating native harakeke extract and nourishing manuka essential oil. Its unique formula also combines 8 hyaluronic acids with ceramides to brighten and keep your skin looking dewy, luminous, and youthful.

Scent: scentless as to not disrupt your current skin care routine.

Size: pack contains 5 sheet masks

Created in Auckland, New Zealand and made in Korea.

Hero ingredients
  • manuka essential oil, relieves inflammation and acne, fungal conditions and other skin irritations

  • harakeke extract relieves redness and irritation while stimulating the production of collagen and promoting healthy cell regeneration

  • hyaluronic acid, promotes healthier and more supple skin. Keeping your skin moisturised, radiant and delivering anti-wrinkle properties

  • ceramides, help create a barrier to lock in moisture and protect your epidermis from environmental damage

  • probiotics, helps brighten the skin and facilitates cell activity to help skin elasticity as well as decrease wrinkles

  • edelweiss callus culture extract, reduces skin irritation by controlling the causes of oxidative stress and inflammation caused by UV

  • 7 botanical extracts that act as strong anti-inflammatory that soothes and strengthens the skin barrier: harakeke, rosemary, chamomile, green tea, gotu kola, liquorice
How to use

first cleanse and tone your face, then remove the mask from its wrapper, unfold, remove the mesh lining and place the unprinted side of the sheet on your face avoiding the eye and lip area

leave on 10-20 minutes

Beauty tip

this sheet mask can also be used with galvanic devices