Keep Pretty Programme

Looking after NZ, both the people and environment, is dear to our heart.  So while many of the brands in our store use recyclable or reusable glass or paper packaging, we do have some products that are packaged in plastic, like eyeshadows, lip products, mascaras and some skincare. We know those brands are working hard on future innovative environmental solutions, however until then we have put in a Keep Pretty Programme.

Keep Pretty Programme trades 6 for 1. 

Send us back 6 plastic items you have purchased from us (yes you have to have purchased from us) and we will send you 1 free Doll Face Lip Gloss - there is four great shades for you to chose from!

To make it easy, just reach out to us on messenger or email when you are ready to send your plastic items back and we will send you a no-charge courier label to use.

From there we will take care of the recycling, making sure these items don't just end up in landfills. 

In addition to our Keep Pretty Programme, we have thought really carefully about our courier packaging, ensuring all is reusable or recyclable, including the plastic caps on our mailing tubes.  We have also used vegetable-based inks on our tissue paper and will be looking for more ways to improve our Devoted to Pretty environmental footprint.