Powder Based Detox Cleanser & Mask Refill


Say BYE BYE to single use and landfill with Dust & Glow's Powder Based Cleanser & Mask Refill in Compostable Packaging . This is the perfect way to replenish your empty Powder Based Cleanser & Mask bottle, which was designed to be re-used and refilled. 

How to use your refill:

  • first of all, thoroughly empty your original Dust & Glow bottle (who wants to waste a single gram!)
  • make a paper funnel from the refill card provided
  • place the funnel into the bottle
  • pour slowly in the contents of the refill
  • et voila! You can now discard the pouch into your home compost (in small pieces).

The packaging from the refills are certified home compostable and commercial compostable by OK COMPOST, OK COMPOST HOME and OK Biodegradable SOIL certified by TUV Austria in European Union.

And incase you forgot why you love the Dust & Glow Powder Based Cleanser & Mask.... is it waterless!

Most cleansers are 70-80% water, loaded with synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrance and packed in single-use plastic.

Dust & Glow are shaking things up with their Powder Based Detox Cleanser & Mask. It's a 100% plant-based face cleansing powder concentrate that is activated by water. 

Benefits to love:

  • For your skin: re-invent your beauty routine with this waterless detox cleanser & mask. Formulated with charcoal, kaolin, pre and probiotic complex to gently cleanser, rebalance and improve skin radiance - the result is clean, clear skin.
  • For the planet: being formulated without water, this detox cleansing powder is super concentrated and will last for up to 65 usages. The bottle is made from recyclable aluminium and has been designed to be re-used and refilled; and comes with a sustainable stone-based label.

Suitable for oily, combination, problematic skin

Scent: unscented

Key skin-loving ingredients: kaolin has great drying and cleansing properties, which will help clear oily and acne prone skin. French green clay has a stronger ability to calm irritated skin. Charcoal, which is renowned for its ability to absorb excess dirt, oil and impurities from the skin’s surface. It works like a magnet to attract dirt from the pores of your skin. It can help your pores to appear more refined. Vegan pre and probiotic complex is a stable, balanced microbiome that is a basic need of everybody’s skin. It helps balance the bacteria on the skin to keep it healthy.

Free from: water, fragrance, essential oils, preservative system, sulphate, silicone, paraben, nasties.

Size: 40g

How to use: as a cleanser, sprinkle a ¼ teaspoon onto wet hands. Lather between your hands to activate, it will foam! Massage onto face, rinse well. As a mask, mix ½ to 1 teaspoon of powder with ½ teaspoon of water until you get a thick consistent paste. Apply the mask using a brush or fingers for 5 minutes then remove with a damp warm cloth.

Remember to avoid contact with your eyes and also keep the product dry and away from direct water contact.

When your gorgeous detox cleanser and mask is finished, we recommend refilling your original bottle with another Dust & Glow Powder Based Detox Cleanser & Mask Refill. You also might like to use this product with the Hayley Benseman Mask Brush.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand.