Super Hydrating Face Cream with Organic Rosehip


If your face feels dehydrated and dry, looks a bit dull or needs some extra love, which it does as we get older, then the Super Hydrating Face Cream is what you want.

It has all the elements to give your face the hydration, protection, nourishment and love it requires, including:

  • a water base which delivers hydration to the outer layer
  • a humectant which draws water up from our lower tissues to deliver more hydration to that outer skin
  • oils to soften, nourish and protect your skin as well as aid hydration by forming an occlusive layer that locks in water.

Suitable for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and maturing skin

Scent: lightly botanical

Key skin-loving ingredients: organic rosehip oil, which as well as being a fabulous antioxidant, moisturises and firms up the appearance of fine wrinkles, leading to a smoother face that glows. Organic marula oil for essential antioxidants, helps protect your skin from daily environmental damage (uv rays, pollution, air-borne toxins), helping with suppleness and elasticity. Organic evening primrose oil is magical for sensitive skin, preventing breakouts, smoothing wrinkles and improving the overall health of your skin. Organic jojoba oil is not only deeply hydrating, it adds another layer of antioxidants that promote collagen synthesis, taking you one step closer to glowing skin.

Size: 60ml

How to use: apply to a clean face, after toner and any serums or oils. Gently smooth onto your face and enjoy the hydration as it soaks in. Suitable for using as part of your morning and evening skincare routine. Suggest pairing with Organic Face Oil with Macadamia Oil also made by Agnes & Me.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand.