Major Moisture Lip Balm


The perfect remedy to ensure your lips are always soft and luscious.  The vegan and organic ingredients are loaded with extra moisture and will condition, smooth and rejuvenate while providing lasting hydration so you’re always on that charm!

Key skin-loving ingredients: Cera alba (organic beeswax): creates a protective barrier for your skin against environmental pollutants. It locks in moisture, reduces dryness and leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Castor oil: is an excellent remedy for healing and preventing dry and chapped lips. Loaded with fatty acids, castor oil is rich in moisture and deeply absorbs into your skin restoring hydration and softness. Raw organic coconut oil: this anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory rich oil will target various skin imperfections, is very hydrating and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Vitamin E: anti-oxidant rich oil is great for reducing cell damage and is extremely effective for protecting and restoring skin health. 

Size: 5ml

How to use: apply evenly and liberally to lips as often as needed, can be used under, or in place of lip gloss or lipstick. 

Pair with either The Skin Kitchen Coconut Lip Scrub or Pineapple Lip Scrub.

Made in Christchurch, New Zealand.