Face Oil


A liquid gold blend of multi-tasking, vitamin rich ingredients that soothe, nourish and restore radiance. Each drop of this face oil leaving you feeling plump, dewy and revitalised.

Your go-to for nourished, healthy, glowing skin. The all-in-one, highly regenerative oil that helps skin function at its best.

Suitable for all skin types. Also suitable for using on hair, skin and nails

Scent: fragrance free

Key skin-loving ingredients: rosehip oil to hydrate and firm. Jojoba oil to repair and regulate. Olive oil to moisturise and plump. Avocado oil to relieve and rejuvenate. Kiwi seed oil to calm and treat. Grapeseed oil to purify and regenerate. Orange oil for clarity and radiance. Roseflower oil which is an antioxidant powerhouse. Vitamin E to nourish and heal. Vitamin C to brighten and protect.

How to use: massage 2-3 drops onto clean, dry skin, morning and evening. Use twice daily for a deep renewal of the skin.

Designed in Auckland, New Zealand and made in Shanghai, China.