Biological Agent Cleansing Oil


Has an oil spill plagued your face for too long? Battle the baddies by using good oil to tear it down and win the war against pollution. 

Suitable for oily skin types.

Scent: bergamot and ylang-ylang.

Aromatherapeutic properties: ylang-ylang essential oil has the ability to relieve depression in humans and drives away anxiety, sadness, and chronic stress. It also has an uplifting effect on the mood and induces feelings of joy and hope.

Key skin-loving ingredients: bergamot is known for its ability to distribute pigments evenly throughout the skin, leaving an even, toned complexion. Plus, bergamot has powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties while being able to remove bacteria from our skin.  Grapeseed oil penetrates your skin quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. 

Size: 100ml

We recommend that you follow this natural oil cleanser with our fabulous Aloha Hoa Mist Toner and then our Blank Face Baby, Moisturiser.

Made in Auckland, New Zealand.